On Second Thought

February 13, 2008

On one night and almost simultaneously, men’s and women’s college basketball saw poor officiating at its finest. On the men’s side, Villanova was called for a foul with .1 seconds on the clock, while being tied with Georgetown 53-53. The foul was called 80 feet from the basket when Villanova’s Corey Stokes bumped Georgetown’s Jonathan Wallace. Wallace sunk both free throws and Georgetown walked away with a 55-53 victory.

On the women’s side, Rutgers had a a 58-57 lead over Tennessee with a few seconds left. After a missed shot, Rutgers’ Kia Vaughn fouled Nicky Anosike with .2 seconds left on the clock. Anosike drained both free throws and the Lady Vols walked away with the 59-58 victory. When looking at the video, it seems as if the clock stopped at .2 seconds before the foul was even called. The refs did not review the play and the controversial ending went to Tennessee

Irornically enough, both of the teams that received the calls were the home teams. Both calls were a disgrace to the game of basketball. The fact tha one was called 80 feet fromn the bsket and that the clock stopped before the whistle was blown on the other one shows how terrible some officiating can be. If I was the coach for either of these teams, I would want some kind of explanation from the NCAA on these calls.


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