George Blocks the Deal

February 14, 2008

When the disparity between the West and the East in the NBA looked at an all-time high heading into this season, there seemed to be no way it could get stronger. Over the last 2 weeks, two blockbuster trades have made the West one of the strongest conferences in sports history. On Wednesday, a third trade was on the verge of happening-that would have involved the New Jersey Nets sending Jason Kidd to the Dallas Mavericks for Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, Devean George, a few other players, and possibly draft picks and money. However, George denied the trade as he has the right to deny any trade as it is part of his one year contract.

The trade would have sent Kidd, who was drafted by the Mavericks and won Rookie of the Year honors for the team, to one fo the best teams in the league. Kidd would have been paired up with reinging league MVP Dirk Nowitzki and up and coming star Josh Howard.

Last month, Kidd said that it was time for him and the Nets to part ways as it would be good for both organizations. The Mavericks would be the winners in the short run, while the Nets with the young Harris and more possible draft picks could win out in the long run. We will have to wait and see if the teams can figure out something to get around George’s denoal of the trade.


One Response to “George Blocks the Deal”

  1. Rick Hancock said

    Not so fast…the deal has been nixed. Let’s see how long it takes before you add an update to this post. ESPN reported the deal was off at 10:30 pm.

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