Must See T.V.

February 21, 2008

Tonight is going to be a great night of basketball. Both Jason Kidd, who was traded to Dallas yesterday, and Shaq will be making their debuts for their new teams tonight. Kidd and the Mavericks will be taking on the Hornets, while Shaq and the Suns will host Kobe and the Lakers. For those of you that would like to check out the matchup between the Suns and Lakers it will be on at 9 p.m. on ESPN tonight.


Many have questioned whether or not Shaq can fit into the Suns running style. Shaq has said this week that he is ready to run like Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. For Jason Kidd, the Mavericks will hope that he hcan bring some mental toughness to a team that folded to the #8 seed Golden State Warriors in last seasons playoffs. I highly recommend checking out the Suns-Lakers game if you get a chance to, it will be a good one.


One Response to “Must See T.V.”

  1. Rick Hancock said

    I usually don’t watch the NBA until the playoffs, but I did checkout Shaq with his new team…..that’s why I’m just now checking your blog at 12:15 am

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