Down For The Count

February 27, 2008

In the extremely tough Western Conference, the Houston Rockets got off to a slow start at the beginning of the season. But of late, things were starting to turn around as they were riding a 12 game winning streak and had climbed to 7th in the West with a record of 36-20.  They recently had acquired lights out scorer Bobby Jackson to compliment  Yao and T-Mac. But as the old saying goes, “what goes up must come down” and the Rockets might be returning to Earth as they learned that Yao Ming will be done for the season becaused of a stress fracture in his left foot.


The 7-foot-6 Ming was having one of the best seasons of his career as he was averaging  22 points and 10.8 rebounds per game. The door has now been opened for the 9th place Denver Nuggets to slide into the playoff picture if the Rockets fold without Ming. However, last season when Ming missed 32 games, the Rockets compiled a record of 20-12. It should be interesting to see which way the Rockets go as their big man has gone down for the count.


One Response to “Down For The Count”

  1. Greg Howe said

    How have the Rockets continued to win without Yao? Going into tonight they were trying to win their 16th straight game! That is just absurd. I thought they would be done without Yao, but they continue to win and climb the Western Conference standings. It’s incredible. I wonder how long they can be successful without him.

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