Tennessee… Is where I want to be!

February 27, 2008

After living in New Jersey my entire life and now attending college in Connecticut, I believe at this time I want to make a move to somehwere else in the country. Right now, that somewhere else looks like Tennesee. Well, maybe not a permanent move, but definitely until soemtime around the end of March or beginning of April. You may be asking yourself, why Tennessee? I’ll give you three words to sum it up: Tigers, Volunteers, and Commodores.

For a big college basketball fan like myself, big things are happening in the good old state of Tenneseee. On Saturday night, the the No.2 Volunteers knocked off No.1 Memphis in a memorable 66-62 game. Only 3 days later, the new crowned No.1 Vols were upset by another Tennessee team, the No. 14 Vanderbilt Commodores, 72-69.

It’s very rare that one state can boast 3 teams that all have the chance to be crowned NCAA Championship. All 3 teams have the depth, drive, and detremination to make a big splash during March Madness. Out of these 3 teams, I think that the Volunteers are still the team to beat in the state right now. They boast a well-balanced attack, and possibly one of the best players in the country in Chris Lofton. Memphis, I think will be hurt because of the weak conference it plays in and as of last week, the Tigers ranked last in Division I in free-throw shooting, which will come back to bite them. Vanderbilt has stuggled at times on the road this season, and with all the games during March Madness being on the road, they might be proned to an upset. But for right now I’m just enjoying the great college basketball and thinking about packing up my stuff because Tennessee is where I want to be


One Response to “Tennessee… Is where I want to be!”

  1. Rick Hancock said

    I love college basketball also. However, your blog has made me care a little bit more about the NBA. Good job!

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