A Fan’s Dilemma

March 4, 2008

To say that i am a die-hard New York Knicks fan would be a gross understatement. Since the tender age of 5, I have followed my beloved Knicks through thick and thin. I remember the great times: Ewing leading the Knicks to the finals in 1994, Allan Houston’s game winner to upset #1 seeded Miami in the first round, and Larry Johnson’s 4-point play.

But, lately, the times have not been so good. It seems like James Dolan and Isiah Thomas have made it their mission to personally destroy the Knicks and run them into the ground. Right now, the team consists of over-paid, underachieving, selfish players who only care about their big, fat paychecks. We have traded away numerous potential stars and draft picks for the likes of Eddy Curry. However, through all these bad times, the Knicks are still the team I love the most.

So, here’s my dilemma. With the end of the season only a month and a half away and the Knicks struggling at 18-42, do i do the unthinkable? I hate even thinking about the unthinkable because I believe it is gross and despicable. And the unthinkable is… to root against my own team in hopes for a better draft pick. For once, the Knicks own their first-round pick and could end up with a top 3 selection. But when i think about the unthinkable, it makes me sick to my stomach, and I know that I bleed Blue and Orange. So, even though we are virtually eliminated from the playoffs, I’ll say what I have said for years… Let’s Go Knicks!!


2 Responses to “A Fan’s Dilemma”

  1. I like your blog Bake man. Some spelling errors, but I like the “‘tude.” You can tell you speak from the heart. As a Knicks fan myself, those two videos reminded me that I actually am a Knicks fan because it is easy to forget these days.

  2. Rick Hancock said

    If being a Knicks fan isn’t bad enough, you now have the editor of the campus paper telling you to use spell-check!

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