No Chalk For Me

March 19, 2008

It’s funny how every year college basketball analysts talk about how there are many teams that can make the Final Four, but do they ever go out on a limb? The answer would be…. No. Each year they go with the chalk. I watched Digger Phelps and Jay Bilas pick all 4 No. 1 seeds to make it to the Final Four. Do you know how many times that has happened… ZERO, ZILCH, NEVER. And guess what, it will probably never happen. I know you are getting paid the big bucks to analyze the games, but, please take a chance on maybe a No. 2 seed. With that being said, here are some of my tournament predictions.


Best First Round Game- Gonzaga vs. Davidson If you get a chance to check this one out please do. In this one you have the original mid-major in Gonzaga versus the up and coming mid-major in Davidson. Davidson is also riding a 23 game winning streak. I like the Wildcats to knock off Gonzaga in a close one.

Upset that no one is picking- West Virginia over Duke in Round 2. Joe Alexander won two games for the Mountaineers by himself in the Big East Tournament. The Blue Devils don’t have anyone that can guard him. Look for Alexander to have a big game and send the Dukies home early.

Final Four- I refuse to pick all No. 1 seeds, so here it goes. No.1 North Carolina vs. No. 3 Wisconsin and No.4 Pittsburgh vs. No.1 UCLA

Champion- After making their third straight Final Four appearance, the Bruins finally take home the championship as Kevin Love outbattles Tyler Hansbrough.

 Let the games begin.


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