Weekend 2: Preview, Thoughts, and Predictions

March 26, 2008

Today marks the end of the longest three day stretch of the year. For three long days, sports fanatics around the country have had to wait for March Madness to make its return to their lives. Well, tomorrow, the Madness resumes. So before you grab a cold beverage, something to eat and take a seat on the couch, here are a few things to know about the tournament.

East: No.1 North Carolina vs. No. 4 Washington St.  No.2 Tennessee vs. No.3 Louisville

Midwest: No.1 Kansas vs. No. 12 Villanova  No.3 Wisconsin vs. No.10 Davidson

South: No.1 Memphis vs. No.5 Michigan St.  No.2 Texas vs. No.3 Stanford

West: No.1 UCLA vs. No.12 Western Kentucky  No.3 Xavier vs. No.7 West Virginia

Possible Upsets: Although I think Xavier is too good for West Virginia, I belive that the Mountaineers have the best chance to pull off an upset in the Sweet 16. If Joe Alexander has a big game, the X-Men might be going home early. In the Elite 8, watch out for Wisconsin to knock off the Kansas Jayhawks. If the Badgers can slow it down and make soem big shots, they will be heading to San Antonio.

Game to See- Tennessee vs. Louisville. Both teams like to play an uptempo style of basketball and have a ton of athletes. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of both of these teams puts up 90 points.


Heading to San Antonio: These are the four teams that will be dancing the night away in San Antonio next Saturday. North Carolina, UCLA, Texas, and Wisconsin


One Response to “Weekend 2: Preview, Thoughts, and Predictions”

  1. Rick Hancock said

    I actually think West Virginia has a shot of going to the Final Four. As for the Knicks, they must fire Thomas if they want to get better. Re-hire Van Gundy.

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