The Race for Eighth

April 2, 2008

With most of the teams having less than 10 games left on their NBA schedules, the race for the final playoff spot in each conference is heating up. In the East, the Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers and New Jersey Nets are jockeying for the chance to be swept by the Boston Celtics. In the West, the Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, and Denver Nuggets are battling for the seventh and eighth spots. So, who is going to take the playoff spots? Well, as you can see by many of my NCAA predictions and my prediction that the Rockets would fall off after Yao’s injury, I’m no Jimmy the Greek. But, what the hell, here we go, here is what probably won’t happen.


East- Atlanta will win that coveted prize to face the Celtics. I am not going on too much of a limb here as the Hawks hold a three game lead over both the Pacers and Nets. The Hawks are a young squad that is led by a veteran point guard in Mike Bibby. I hope I’m not putting the “Kiss of Death” on the Hawks by picking them, but they should have no problems in the East.


West- And the winners are…. Golden State and Denver. These two teams play some of the most exciting basketball in the NBA. I feel that Golden State will turn up their game as they head down the stretch. In Denver’s case, I feel that AI and ‘Melo will not be denied a chance to play in the postseason. They’ll find a way top make plays and pick up some big wins down the stretch. Sorry Dallas, just like your choke job in last year’s playoffs, you will struggle down the stretch and find ways to lose games.

Now that you have read the wrong predictions, check out the rest of the games for the season, so you can see how wrong I am.


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