Oh Joe

April 3, 2008

And it begins…I am a very big Yankees fan. This offseason it was tough to watch them cut ties with Joe Torre, but I knew that it was time for our team to head in a different direction. Torre helped us win 4 World Series titles and brought the Yankees back to the forefront of baseball. There is no doubt that he leaves some pretty big shoes to be filled and that Joe Girardi will have some issues with this. But come on, this is expected and after watching 2, yes 2 Yankees games, I’m already fed up with the questioning of everything.


While watching the game tonight on the good old YES Network, good old Micahel Kay began what I will be dreading all season. After Girardi pulled Mike Mussina in the 6th inning with 2 outs, LaTroy Hawkins got the last out of the inning. As they came back from commercial break, Kay of course had to say, “Well Girardi pulled the right strings on that one.” Come on now. it’s the second game of the season and we are already judging his decisions. Is Kay going to follow him everywhere, even out to eat… “He went with the chicken, but he should have gone with the steak.” Just leave Joe alone and let him do his job!



One Response to “Oh Joe”

  1. Rick Hancock said

    This comment is really about your previous post. Jimmy “The Greek?” What the heck do you know about Jimmy The Greek? Where you even born when he got fired?

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