It’s Miller Time

April 22, 2008

When most hear the last name Miller and the word basketball in the same sentence, they quickly think about long time Indiana Pacers sharpshooter Reggie Miller. However, some would argue that he might not have been the best basketball player in his family.

Cheryl Miller
Reggie’s sister Cheryl Miller may be one of the greatest women’s basketball players to set foot on this great planet Earth. Miller was a dominant force during her college career at USC. So dominant was Miller, she was named the Naismith College Player of the Year three times. You want to know how good Miller really was? Well, I’m glad you asked because after her time at USC, she was drafted into the USBL, which if you didn’t know is a men’s league. That means that some thought she was good enough to run with the boys.

Cheryl and Reggie Miller

Now that would be a sight to see. Cheryl and Reggie squaring off to see who is the better Miller


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