One honest man

February 19, 2008

On Monday, Andy Pettitte held an hour long press conference where he addressed his use of HGH.  Pettitte made a few statements and then fielded a barrage of questions from the press, asking why he did it, what was going through his min, and if he could go back in time would he still have done it? He even had to field the question, are you a cheater? To this, Pettitte answered, “I wish I never would have done it, obviously, but I don’t consider myself a cheater, no.”

Unfortunately Andy, you are a cheater. I am a die-hard Yankees fan and Andy is a very likeable guy. He was there for the success the team had in the late 90’s and was there for 4 World Series Championships. But when push comes to shove, you used a substance to gain a competitive advantage. However, at least we have found one honest man who has come clean about his use of HGH.


Off His Rocker

February 12, 2008

As if Major League Baseball needed more attention brought to the steroid era, former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker has added more added more heat to an already boiling pot. On Monday, Rocker said on an Atlanta radio station that Major League Baseball, including Bud Selig, knew that he had failed a drug test. He then went on to say how the league had taught him and some teammates how to effectively use steroids. This bombshell comes only a few days after Roger Clemens was questioned by Congress for his alledged steroid use.



It’s unfortunate that the MLB has not had more reliable people come out and talk about their steroid use. Rocker was always known as a headcase during his career. He is one of a few pitchers that would sprint from the bullpen to the mound when called in to pitch. Rocker often lost his cool on and off the mound. In a Sports Illustrated story, Rocker was quoted as saying he would not play for a New York team because he did want to ride the subway next to some queer with AIDS

However, if his allegations prove to be right and league officials were telling players how to use steroids effectively, Major League Baseball will have an even bigger mess on its hands.